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The most common misconception when having family photos taken is “eeekkk what If my kids don’t behave?!” Will my photos be ruined?! The short answer is no. 

Some of the greatest images I have ever captured – a baby has been crying or a toddler has lost it seconds later. They are kids. They are unpredictable and we go with the flow. 

My job is to make everyone feel at ease. Including the kids. I have my own little rascal three year old so I understand what It’s like. 

When chatting about the photoshoot, don’t start with the negatives of “you must be good or …”. Talk about it like I’m a friend and we are off to do something fun with them. The kids can even bring things that they like to do to make it easier – i.e Bubbles or sand castle things for the beach etc. 

I like to send you a questionnaire before the shoot so I can go over in depth what your kids love and hate. This helps me talk to them, understand them and get them to trust me during the shoot. Please fill this out, It is so important. 

Bribes! Honestly taking little favourite snacks or lollies can help if you think your little one might play up. If your happy for me to bring some please let me know as sometimes this is easier (lady with the camera has the treats haha!!)

The kids will most probably be shy from the get go, so we will start by playing with them and having some fun. Running around, throwing them in the air and doing things they love. I.e. Our son loves a walk and swing in between us both so that’s a good start to make him comfortable.  He also loves being thrown in the air, and running around like a crazy toddler haha!! 

Don’t say CHEESE. Lol. I really want to create natural photos of the laughter and fun so I try not to capture those awkward poses. I’ll tell you guys what to do anyway. 90% of the photos you won’t be looking at the camera. 

If the kids cry, they cry. It’s ok! We just try and change their thought process and move on to something fun they might like to do. 

If your shoot is at the beach please bring a change of clothes for everyone and a towel. 9/10 times the kids want to go in the water by the end of the shoot and they get cold.

Honestly all we can do Is do our best. Try and keep the kids having a good time and laughing but I capture the in between photos so even if they are crying, we will get some gold moments. Try not to stress and go with the flow. Any worries, let me know! Happy to help at any time. YAY!! 

My son and I. Two minutes before this he was screaming… I lifted him up and we played a game of “I’ve got your nose”. And he was laughing in no time. Try and make things fun or a game. They love it. 

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