My Style & how I shoot

My shooting style is to have you moving around a lot.

I will guide you every step of the way and make sure things look fabulous. Try and relax and tell your man just to go with the flow too. 90% of the time you won’t be looking at the camera, you will be interacting with each other or the kids. 



Kids will be kids! And that is totally fine. If they aren’t playing ball, that is okay. We change it up, do something else, move to a new spot etc. Just go with it, the best advise I can give you is to relax even if they are not playing ball. I capture so many inbetween moments so even if they are only smiling for 2 seconds that’s okay!




Things you can do at the shoot to make it better. 

  1. Engage in an activity with your kids. E.g. Throwing them in the air, swinging them. Running etc. I have ideas too! 
  2. Take your kids lead – do what they want to do. Don’t force It. 
  3. Have fun! These are your family photos – stay true to you and do things you would do at home to make your kids laugh and enjoy the moments. We want the photos to reflect your personalities so you can look back and celebrate this moment in time. 


There are so many places we can shoot your photos. Click on the map below to see some spots I’ve shot at before – If you want something different I’m happy to search for you – just let me know!


The very best time for photos outside is at sunset or sunrise, where we can get that golden light. I can help you plan the right timing for your specific date so just ask me (If I haven’t told you already!) If you have young kids this can be a little tricky in summer, so lets make a plan that works for your family. If we can’t go sunset then I try and find somewhere with some shade. 

What do we wear?!

is always the first question I get when booking family photos. So I’ve made a huge guide which might help you with this.  


Hair & makeup stand out in photos. If you want to look absolutely fabulous (and feel it too) I highly recommend having a professional do it for you. For my own family shoots I always get my makeup done because It makes me feel beautiful and confident. I do my own hair (Money saving!)






What If It rains?

9/10 If It’s scheduled for rain on my app – I will reschedule the shoot. We want that beautiful light and It’s just not possible with rain. Plus It’s not a fun time getting wet etc. If you are down for rain photos tell me though and we can do something funky! 

What If I need to reschedule?

Thats OK! I know what It’s like and am happy to work with you. We just choose another date and go from there. 

How long is my shoot?

It depends which package you purchased as to how long the shoot will be. Most sessions are 30 minutes unless you bought the big package (45 mins – 1.5 hours). Mini Sessions are 10-15 minutes. 

Should I bring snacks? 

Yes. Yes . Yes. Bribes too. 

Can I bring my dog?

Hell yes. I love incorporating family dogs into my images. As they are a part of the family too. We can either have them at the shoot for the whole time or we can photograph them for 5/10 mins and then pop them away in the car for the rest of the shoot (weather depending of course! We don’t leave dogs in hot cars!)

What else do we bring?

A change of clothes is good in case you get wet/ or dirty. If theres extra time we can always do two outfits as well. Snacks/ Bribes. A towel. 

How long till we see the photos?

I send you a little link within a few days. The entire shoot is usually a week or two away. 

Will you pose us? 

Yes! I will help guide you. It’s not “posing” per say but just getting you comfortable!!

“If you have enough time, bring a change of clothes for everyone, so you get some variety in your photos.”

We did a sunrise session and It was SO worth it! Trust Shannon and her thoughts about light. 

“Don’t worry about feeling awkward, Shannon makes you feel so comfortable! Even if the kids are going nuts, she captures the in between moments. Seriously talented!”