gender reveal party

Everyone loves a good gender reveal. Sharing the excitement of the sex of your baby to the world. There are so many amazing options these parties WAY more fun! This is ours above. We decided to have a pinata!! Which we hit until the blue confetti came out. Both of us actually knew the gender before the party but no one else did! 

Confetti cannons and smoke bombs are a great way to share the news. Both make for amazing photo opportunities too! Please make sure if you are doing either of these options, to get ECO confetti. This means the environment doesn’t have to suffer afterwards. Most places offer super amazing eco options which wash away in the rain. Yay! 

Cake or Balloons? You choose!! Below are two confetti options available in New Zealand for $14.99 what a steal! Enjoy!! 

It’s also super fine to not have a “gender reveal” party if you prefer to just tell people as you see them. Another reality is gender disappointment – which is a real thing FYI!! (I’ll do a blog on this later…) Whatever you choose to do – enjoy this moment. 

Shan xx

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