Things that actually help with morning sickness

Nausea & vomiting or ‘morning sickness’ the most hated part of the first trimester. Where It’s possible you forget all about the beautiful baby you are making because you are so damn sick. I’m unsure why they called it MORNING sickness though. It was more like all day sickness for me and many other women I know. 

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant. I’ve just come out the other side of the most horrific sickness I have ever experienced. Totally debilitating and bedridden for weeks I could hardly hold anything down. I tried everything. Googled daily and tried all the potions, (natural) pills, lollies etc. Some were rubbish, some worked hands down and I can sing their praises from the rooftops.

They say you should eat smaller meals more frequently. Crackers & toast are your friends! Trust me haha! 

The few things below really helped me get through. I hope they work for you too!

The Morning med Relief / Nausea Spray was by far the BEST and helped with instant relief. You spray it into your mouth – easy to use and effective! 

The sea bands are a low key form of acupuncture on your pressure points. I wore these on days where I really had to be upright and moving and they seemed to help too. 

The extra strong Ginger sweets were the only ginger lollies to actually work for me. Everyone tells you to eat ginger buscuits or drink gingerbeer but the fact is those products have such a small amount of ginger in them, that It’s really just a soothing effect. If you are going to go for ginger – these actually taste ok!! 

Vitamin B6 was amazing. Taken three times a day I felt this really soothed that nausea for me. 

Other Remedies

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine where very thin needles are inserted into specific points to support and enhance the natural healing power of your body. I went to Anna-Lena Tews at Riverridge in Hamilton and this helped a bit too. See her website here. 

Colour therapy – A form of alternative therapy health treatment, colour therapy involves the use of one or more colours, in various forms, to initiate healing or soothing effects on mind and body. Personally I didn’t get the chance to do Colour therapy but one of my friends said It was the only thing that worked for her. Definitely worth trying!! See their website here

Prescription Medication**

**Please talk to your health care professional. This is not medical advise. This is just what worked for me and may not suit you. 

When It got so bad I needed to go to the doctors. I couldn’t keep any food or water down and was in a really bad way. One of the things I had no idea about until a friend told me, was that you can ask for a drip if you are dehydrated. This is one way to make sure you are keeping fluids down and give you some much needed energy. 

I really didn’t want to take any prescription medication because I had previously had a miscarriage. Of course It was nothing to do with taking medication but I felt I would rather just suffer right now, to make sure my baby was okay. Trust me when I say there is only so long you can do this for. When I went to the doctors I had lost 7kgs and was at my wits end. The lovely doctor who was there took care of me and explained all of the medications in terms I could understand. Google is scary when you look up any medication whilst pregnant.  The two options below were explained to be the least harmful to our babe. Please do your own research around these, your doctor may advise differently. 


Metoclopramide HCI Tablets 10mg

You can read more about this here.

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